SimplySimon is all about enjoying one of the most fundamental aspects of life … Eating!

It has become increasingly more apparent that we need to take care of ourselves.  The starting point for this is to take stock of what we put in to our bodies.  Remember when your parents used to tell you ‘you are what you eat’?  Don’t you hate it when you find out your parents were right again!

Simply Simon is here to make those life choices easy by providing amazingly tasty meals that just happen to be healthy. We will make your order from fresh whole ingredients, package them up and then deliver them to your door.  The hard part for you is choosing from our delicious menu.

While we understand what it takes to be healthy, we know that sometime people just want to have some comfort food too.  Don’t worry, we have it covered.  All of our dishes have the calorie, carbohydrate, protein and fat counts on them but if there are days that you feel you would like to be a little less focused on the numbers then take a look at our creature comforts section.