Who says healthy can’t be tasty?



I have been a professional chef since I was 21. That is a little while ago now and I have never looked back. My passion for food has grown along the way and I feel that now is the time to try and pass some of that on to others.

During my career, I have worked for small and independent hotels and restaurants, I have worked for the large chains of hotels and restaurants and even worked for the Savoy group.

In one of my later Executive chef roles I was tasked with feeding many professional athletes. This involved providing very specific food for a very specific clientele. What I found was that healthy food really was not very appealing. It seemed that very often the health aspect took over from the flavour aspect. As a chef this didn’t sit right with me

I started to investigate possibilities of making healthy food taste like food should taste.  I was aiming to get athletes to sit down to enjoy a meal and not just sit down to recover from the last training session and fuel for the next one.

This meant liaising with professional nutritionists to deliver menus that provided very specific nutritional requirements and delivered on flavour in the way that good food should.

I decided that it shouldn’t just be athletes that get these privileges at their fingertips and so I put Simply Simon together to give other people the opportunity to enjoy a healthy lifestyle no matter if you are a professional sportsperson or an everyday foodie.  There is something here for everyone.

My aim is to provide amazing food.  It just happens to be healthy too!

Richard Chessor – Performance Nutritionist

“Great knowledge, great skills, great fun. I’ve worked with Simon over the past 5 years and he is a great chef to work with. As a nutritionist, dealing with catering teams can often be challenging when you are trying to develop an idea from nutrients to a meal. But with Simon this was a breeze. He always had plenty of innovative ideas and was brilliant at interacting with the athletes at meal times to help them understand what they were eating and how it was made. Always a pleasure to work with.”

Lee Harrison – Founder Athleat

“Simon is a chef who really knows the value of food and how to make it totally delicious! I have been working with Simon to create amazing 5* recipes for my customers to create in their own kitchen with some of our top quality products. Simon is very personable and has the ability to coach you to create amazing food without the attitude at your home or online!”